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Screwy Financing. So let’s say you’re saying to yourself “I need to Sell My House Fast!” for whatever reason. A lot of times the problem that you run into is,  you get a realtor, put the house on the market, get it under contract and then the banks right now during this whole pandemic have funding fall thru. The financing is falling through because they double-check the income, employment status, and they double check their credit over and over and jobs and income are so iffy right now. 

Cash Buyers. The difference between the market and us investors or cash buyers is, well, the Cash. We’re buying cash, we don’t have to get approved for a loan,we still might do appraisals and inspections but the deal is not contingent on them. We walk through the house and in 15 minutes were able to make you a cash offer on the spot.

Credible Investors. One thing I would like to point out to is credible investors there’s a million investors that go to that go to a seminar whenever Rich Dad comes to town but they have never done it before. They’ve never actually really been in the business. The worst thing I see a lot of times is somebody comes in and makes an offer and then three weeks down the line they can’t perform on it. It happens to all of us, but in 15 years I can count on one hand how many times I’ve failed to perform. 

Quicksell. We’ve been buying houses for 15 years here in El Paso. We’ve bought and sold  over twelve hundred different properties here in El Paso and we take care of our sellers. I get thank you letters and texts, gifts in the mail, good reviews on Facebook and on Google from people that have done business with me over the years and it’s because we’ve been doing it for a long time and we really take pride in how we take care of our Sellers. Not only do we buy the house, we walk them through the process of how to do it. We answer our calls. We call you back in a timely manner. We deal with a lot of the issues that face a seller that needs to sell quickly and we are built for it. 

If you are ready to get your Free Property Assessment or Cash Offer Call us at 915.593.3300 or fill out the form on our home page at to schedule your appointment. 

Sell My House Fast In El Paso Texas
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Sell My House Fast In El Paso

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