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For Sale by Owner. Have you been asking yourself ” How do I Sell My House Fast ” and come up with the answer to sell it yourself? Have you decided to give it a shot here in El Paso, Texas ? How many of you that are selling your house “for sale by owner” have had an agent knock on your door?Quite a few I’m assuming, because that’s what they’re taught to do. But I’ll tell you a couple things about “for sale by owner” that you may not know.

Owners may not know this Market is. The market is always changing and when you sell yourself you don’t have any representation, to know how to sign contracts, and to deal with all the legalities of selling a property.

90%.  90% of people that put their house on the open market as a FSBO end up selling it with the realtor on the other side. It’s just what happens. I sell my houses with Realtors, not because I’m super happy and giddy about giving them a commission, but because they have exclusive access to the MLS. 

The Minority. It’s possible you could be the small minority of 10% to sell your house on the open market but I would say that out of the 10%, half of those people sell to people like us, Real Estate Investors. 

Sell to Us to Save the Headaches. We buy houses off Market without Realtors, without commissions, without all those costs, because we’re going to fix it and we’re going to resell it on the open market (and pay for it.) When you sell to us we don’t have to pay a realtor, I’m buying it directly from you. You don’t have to deal with open houses and fixing and cleaning and all the things that you have to do when you’re on the open market. All the random times when people want to come see the house and the inspector and the appraiser, you know all these different things that go into selling a house. 

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Sell My House For Sale By Owner in El Paso, Texas
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Sell My House Fast In El Paso

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