My House isn’t Selling with a Realtor in El Paso, Texas HELP!

Are you struggling with selling your house on the open market with the realtor? Do you want to know your options if you can’t sell it with the Real Estate Agent? We’re going to get into it today.

“Why won’t my house sell with a realtor? What other options do I have?”

Option 1 – Take it off the market. You can keep the property. You can rent it. You know you can do different kinds of things that stem from these two options but these are the most realistic options. 

Possibility 1 – Bad Timing. It may be bad timing. The Market may not be in a position where your house in its current condition is of much value. The real Estate market Ebbs and Flows and sometimes the market is hot for resale properties and sometimes it isn’t. There isn’t a guaranteed way to guess when it’ll be hot. You’ve just kind of got to test the waters. The negative about hiring a Realtor is they are very rarely gonna be honest enough to say “Hey maybe you shouldn’t list it with me right now.”

Possibility 2 – You may need Repairs. Your Property may need repairs and that’s why its not selling. Your property may be in too much disrepair to peak the interest of a traditional buyer. Remember that because of HGTV today’s buyer is looking for their dream home even in a used house. That puts the pressure on you as a seller to meet the expectation and demand of the buyer and at times this can cost a pretty penny.

Possibility 3 – It May be Overpriced. This is a big problem when you’re hiring a Realtor. A bad agent will promise you the moon and never be able to deliver.  Also your Realtor may be a weekend warrior and they may not have enough experience to give you an accurate sense of what your house is ACTUALLY worth. Remember not all realtors are made the same way, and that you can have your license and only sell one house a year.

The Truth Is: You may be way overpriced. You may have funky colors. It could be in disarray. You could have too much clutter. There’s a million reasons why a house doesn’t sell on the open market. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, and reduce the stress attached to the process or save the repair money necessary to get it to Open Market standards you can call us TODAY.

We can visit your house today for a Free/No Obligation Property Assessment and give you a cash offer on the spot. We will buy your property as-is and cover all normal closing costs and close in as little as 14-21 days. 

My House isnt Selling with a Realtor in El Paso Texas HELP!
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