Are El Paso or Las Cruces Investors Really Cash Buyers?

Are All These Investors Really Cash Buyers?
Have you ever seen those signs in the street that say “We Buy Houses Cash!” Have you ever wondered to yourself “Do these guys actually have enough cash to buy my house?” 

Truth be told, very few investors in town, even the wealthy ones, have enough cash to buy your house free and clear. While there may be someone who can individually buy one house cash, work on it, sell it and then start the next project, the reality is most businesses like ours, that make a living off of buying off-market homes have all of or a large portion of their liquid monies tied up in projects. For example on average we buy 6 – 8 deals a month and the average buying price plus repairs per project is around a $125,000 per project. Imagine bankrolling 6 to 8 projects a month at that cost. You would need to have over million liquid at all times.

What buying “CASH” actually means is that you can expect to close quickly and get paid quickly as if it were cash. Usually most investors are using private money, or hard money to be ready to close on a property in under 30 days.

Don’t feel jaded, this is an industry standard Nationwide. Someone’s cash is buying your house, it just may not be coming directly out of the pocket of the investor you met at your house. Speaking honestly and directly, at times when you sell to us, your house will be bought cash,  but if you’re the 4th or 5th or 6th house that month then we have a team of Financial Partners we trust and work with regularly..

Your biggest worry as a seller is to make sure that whatever investor you choose to work with (whether it be Quicksell or not) is running all of the paperwork through a reputable Title Company. You want the transaction that closes your property to be finalized and insured by the title company so that you can rest knowing that no one is coming back after you for the property or the money just days after closing.

If you have a property that you need to sell quickly, feel free to give us a call at 915-593-3300 or visit our website and schedule your free no obligation property assessment and we’ll swing by your house, educate you on your options, and make a fair cash offer on the spot. We’re here to help you solve your property problem, no repairs, no stress, just solutions. 
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