5 Tips for Selling Your House FAST! in El Paso, Texas

Are you ready to Sell Your House FAST?! Do you need to SELL YOUR HOUSE NOW?!

Here are 5 Tips to Move the House Quickly:

Tip #1:Skip the Repairs

Everyone underestimates the amount of time you need to repair a house. Work schedules, family events, emergencies, flaky contractors etc. All of these things cause a project to go way beyond the intended schedule and you can’t typically find a buyer for a house with a half finished kitchen or restroom. 

Tip #2: Forget Retail 

Putting your house on the market is it risky move when it comes to staying on a schedule or a timeline. There are so many human factors to take into account that will affect whether or not your house will sell for what you want and within your timeline. You have to deal with Realtors, walkthroughs, inspections, appraisals, financing from the banks, a million visits by many different people. Retail is not the way to save time. 

Tip #3: Gather Your Data

One of the major things that can trip up or extend the closing of a property is data and information not being on hand. Knowing little things like how old the roof is, how old the AC is, what the original floor plan was, tax info, specifics about the house including but not limited to repairs and updates can speed up the process of selling your property.

Tip #4: Bypass the Agent

A real estate agent is a crucial piece to selling your house on the Open Market however they have a bad habit of over-promising and under-delivering. An agent’s main goal is to get your house sold and pick up their Commission. But some, most, but not all Realtors will say whatever they need to say to get you to sign on the dotted line. Assuming you have one of the good realtors in town that actually sell more than one house a years doesn’t allow you to skip all the red tape that Realtors go through and all the negotiating and renegotiating and renegotiating and renegotiating that they do. It tends to cause delays in the sale of the property rather than speed it up.

Tip #5: Be Ready

Selling a house is not something you want to be doing for a year. Here’s a few reasons why- Number one: If a house is on the market for longer than 6 to 8 weeks it makes other buyers leary of taking a look. The assumption is if it hasn’t sold by now something must be wrong. Number two (and probably more importantly): It’s not cheap to sell a house that sits for a long time. If you’re selling a house that’s been listed for a while that also means you are making mortgage payments, paying taxes, paying someone to keep it clean, paying someone to do the landscaping for curb appeal. And while that may not be a big deal for one or two months, not being ready can extend that process by 6 to 8 months and leave you wishing there was an easier, less expensive way.

 Luckily there is. We Buy Houses cash as is no matter the condition no matter the reason.

We can visit your house today for a Free/No Obligation Property Assessment and give you a cash offer on the spot. We will buy your property as-is and cover all normal closing costs and close in as little as 14-21 days. 

5 Tips for Selling Your House FAST! in El Paso, Texas
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