3 Main Ways to Sell Your House in El Paso, Texas.

Are you looking for the best way to sell your house? Are you trying to decide if a traditional sale or selling to an investor is the right move for you? Well this blog post is for you! we’re about to go over the 3 main ways to sell a property in El Paso, Texas.

The Traditional Sale. 

First up you have a traditional sale with a realtor. This means you get your house show ready, take care of any repairs you need to do, have the realtor come in and take pictures, sign a listing agreement, and let the waiting game begin. The benefit of a traditional sale is the fact that this is going to yield you the best return on your investment, meaning more money in your pockets. 

The negatives are: 

1.It takes money to make that money. Most buyers on the traditional Market are not looking for a house that they have to fix up themselves. This means any repairs that need to be done to the house need to be done or you’re going to be docked pretty heavily at negotiations for any work that needs to get done. 

2. You’re going to have buyers coming in and out of the house. Unfortunately there’s no way around it. If your house is for sale people are going to want to walk through it to make sure what they see in the pictures is what they’re getting in real life. If you’re lucky the first person to walk to your house makes an offer you accept it and you close but usually there are dozens of families kind of walking to your house. Even in our flips that are empty, that sell in less than 15 days, we get at least a dozen to two dozen visitors.

Lastly it really is a waiting game. Although you can be the anomaly that sells quickly more often than not a traditional sale takes 3 to 6 months on a property that is up kept and repaired. If you’re planning  on selling as is, prepare for more like 9 to 12 months. 

For Sale By Owner.

This is exactly what it sounds like. You take your property you put it on Facebook, put it on Craigslist, you put it in the Newspaper or something and hope that it will attract a buyer that way. The struggle is no one drives through the town anymore to look for house. Everyone is looking on their phone on Zillow or talking to an agent who is using the MLS to find properties. So you’re really putting yourself at a disadvantage because you are marketing to a very small percentage of the buyers in our city. The benefit is you save the commission costs but chances are you going to be trying to sell that bad boy for up to a year and more than likely you’ll sell to an investor type buyer at a discount or like 90% of people who go the “for sale by owner” route, end up signing a realtor anyway.

Sell it to an investor like Quicksell.

If you want to skip repairs, skip the dozens and dozens of people going through your house, skip responding to endless messages on Facebook of people who aren’t actually going to make an offer on the property, skip…  insert the inconvenience you’re dreading here. You can sell to someone like Quicksell.  The truth is what we really offer our sellers is time and convenience. You can save time because we can close quickly, in as little as 14 to 21 days and you can save yourself the hassle because we’ll hold your hand through the entire process as well as help you  tie up Loose Ends that may be holding you back. 

If you’re interested in selling to us or at least getting your free property assessment, give us a call at 915-593-3300 or fill out the form on our website and we’ll swing by your house you make a cash offer on the spot.   

3 Ways to Sell My House in El Paso, Texas [Edward Beck]
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