We Buy Houses In El Paso, TX “Sell My House For Cash”

We buy houses in El Paso! We can help you sell your house fast for cash and we can pay cash for your house fast in all conditions or AS-IS. If you’re looking for we buy houses cash type of company, we can help!

We Buy Houses In El Paso, TX

We buy houses fast for cash in throughout El Paso. Whatever condition, whatever situation, whatever reason, we buy houses!

Sell My House Fast in El Paso Without Paying An Agent/Realtor Fees And Doing Repairs!

Have you asked yourself “How can I sell my house fast for cash in El Paso?” At Quicksell I know selling your house fast for cash will be quick, fast, and easy! If you’re serious about selling your El Paso house for cash fast, we’re ready to give you a fair cash offer. We buy houses for cash fast, and we buy as-is in El Paso. You can sell your house to us without doing any repairs. We’ll even clean out the property for you. It’s very easy and convenient. So if you’re one of many people asking “How can I sell my house for cash fast in El Paso?”, we’ve got you covered!

Even in a seller’s market like Texas, it’s smart to look at your options and see what will help you best reach your goals with the sale of your house. While you may be able to get a higher “top line” sales price listing with a local El Paso agent, that doesn’t always boil down to more money in your pocket or less headache. Dive into the details below to compare your options. 

Selling w/ An Agent SOLD To Quicksell Investors LLC
Commissions / Fees: 6% on average is paid by you, the seller on who NONE
Who Pays Closing Costs?: 2% on average is paid by you, the seller note NONE – We pay all costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency*: Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through NONE
Appraisal Nee ded:  Yes, sale is often subject to appraisal OneNote NONE – We make cash offers average aver average average average average
Average Days Until Sold: +/- 91 Days IMMEDIATE CASH OFFER
Number of Showings:  It Depends 1 (Just Us)
Closing Date: 30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer the The Date Of YOUR CHOICE
Who Pays For Repairs?:  Negotiated During Inspection Period NONE – We pay for all repairs

Our Sell My House Fast Option

Traditional Way of Selling

Sell Your House To Quicksell List Your House
At Quicksell we buy houses for cash fast in El Paso! We’ll make you a fair cash offer so you can sell without the hassles and stress of listing. Selling a house with an agent in El Paso can take much longer, and come with added headaches and fees.
Competitive Cash Offer within 24 hours or on the spot!
We buy houses for cash fast! Tell us about your house and we’ll evaluate it for you, and provide you with a fair no-obligation cash offer.
The months of selling add up
It takes a couple of months to sell a house with an agent. Some people simply can’t wait 90 days to sell their house!
No Showings – No Hassles
Skip the repetitive open houses, weekend showings, and disrupting your life.
Showings can disrupt your life
To get top dollar for your house, you’ll need to get your house ready for showing, and then you’ll have potential buyers parading your house on and off, disrupting your life and your house.
You choose your closing date
Once we made you an offer, we can close in as little as 7 days, not months. You can pick which date works best for you. We can sell your house fast for cash.
Closing can take some serious time!
Most people who will look to buy your house won’t be using cash – they will finance. This extremely slows the selling process. It can take 30-60 days to close after accepting the buyer’s offer – and that’s assuming their financing doesn’t fall through.
You can sell it as-is
Does your house need repairs? Don’t worry we’ll cover it for you. We can handle them. You can also leave behind those unwanted things and we’ll haul them off. No extra charge.
Plan on having repairs!
It is very common to repair your house first before selling it plus the agents will require you to repair it – even if those seem fine to you. When listing on the market, the house has to pass a home inspection and appraisal.
We  pay all closing costs
Closing costs can sometimes be a pain in the ass that’s why we’ll cover it for you. No hidden fees or extra costs. We’ll buy your house fast for cash!
1-2% closing costs will be paid by you as the seller
On average, a seller is responsible for up to 2% of the sale price in closing costs. They will be buying your house on their terms, not yours!
No Fees or Commissions
Since we are the company that buys houses for cash, we charge no fees and commissions. Energizing? We think so too! We are your El Paso Cash Home Buyer!
Fees and commissions add up!
Other than closing costs, you have to pay for their commissions and other fees, they will begin to stack up and reduce the amount ending up in your pocket. On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by the seller.

Work The Numbers And See Which Way Helps You Get Cash For Your House

When you work the numbers you start to see the real benefits that each way of se ing your Texas house offers.

Yes, here at Quicksell Investors LLC we won’t be able to offer you full retail value for your house… but we also offer other benefits that going the traditional house sale route can’t offer.


From offer to close and cash in your hand in as little as 7 days

You can get rid of the headache of that property fast and avoid paying any more utility payments, tax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, you get the drill. If you list your house and wait 90+ days to close… you have to figure in all of the costs of holding that property during the time you have that property listed and are waiting for the property to close.

Don’t worry about fixing anything up or cleaning your house again and again for buyer after buyer

We don’t care how dirty your house is (we’ve seen worse!) or how many repairs are needed (a complete fixer? great! we love projects)... we’d like to make an offer on your house. This saves you time and money that you can keep in your pocket.

Don’t worry about paying those pesky closing fees (we’ve got you covered)

Because we are a full-service professional home buyer here in Texas, we make it easy for you. We pay for all of the closing costs. What we offer you is what you get (of course minus any mortgage payoff or other encumbrances on the property). Pretty refreshing eh?

So when you add up the time you could save by working with Quicksell Investors LLC, the no-hassle experience, and the money you’ll save on commissions, fees, and holding costs while you wait to sell the traditional route… for many area home homeowners to a professional house buyer is the best viable option.

Is it for you?

See for yourself and get a fair all-cash offer on your house today.

Just fill out the short form below or give us a call at 915-593-3300 and let’s chat! Our process is simple and you can close on the date of your choice. You have nothing to lose by getting an offer (no obligations – no pressure). But you could potentially lose thousands of dollars or months of your time by not testing us out and requesting your FREE house offer below. 

Sell My House Fast In El Paso

We Can Close Without a Realtor 75% Faster than a Traditional Closing. No Hidden Fees or Commissions. There is No Need to Find a Buyer and No Long Waiting Periods. Get Your Freedom Back Today and Put Your Worries Behind You...Fill Out Your Information and We Will Make A Cash Offer!
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*An inspection contingency lets the buyer have time to do an inspection and back out of the sale or negotiate a new price if there are repairs that need to be done. If you can’t come to Greece the buyer, the buyer has the right to back out of the sale. Similar, a financing contingency gives the buyer the wiggle room to back out of the purchase if they can’t obtain a loan or if the home doesn’t appraise for the value that the bank needs to close the loan.

Here at Quicksell Investors LLC we don, ‘t use bank financing so you don’t have to worry about our ability to close on a deal.

Click on sell house fast company to learn more about how we buy houses quickly in El Paso, TX. You may also visit our YouTube channel to learn more about us and our services.